Clay Path Studio
33 West Market Street
York, PA 17401





Tuesday-Wednesday 10-9
Thursday-Friday 10-4
First Friday 5-9
Saturday 9-5

Firing Services

Kiln space is available to be rented by the piece in our electric kilns. We calculate per piece prices by the cubic inch (length x width x height). Turn around time for firing depends upon queue.

Electric Bisque:

  • Cone 05
  • $0.02 per cubic inch

Electric Glaze:

  • Cone 5
  • $0.03 per Cubic inch (not including use of studio glazes)
  • $0.04 per Cubic inch (including use of studio glazes)
  • Tiles: $1 per tile up to 6" x 6"

Payment is due at time of drop off.

Renter responsibility and extra costs:
The renter assumes responsibility for any kiln damage caused by mistaken identification of a clay's firing temperature.

The renter agrees to pay Clay Path Studio the replacement cost of any damaged kiln shelves (resulting from glaze drips or runs). Work must be free of glaze on the bottom.

Cost to renter:
single piece melts to shelf: $10 replacement of an extensively damaged half shelf: $67


Clay Path Studio is not responsible for any damage that may occur to pieces during the firing process.

Studio glazes are intended for personal or hobby use only.

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