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Simply elegant handcrafted pottery. We aim to create products that are not only practical for everyday use, but also artful and elegant enough for special celebrations and entertaining. We have been working together to create our pottery for 7 years. From the very beginning we've collaborated in creating all of our work. We believe this to be a unique attribute of our business. From brainstorming/planning to executing designs (often one will throw the piece, the other will trim/handle), glazing & firing, there isn't a piece that leaves our studio that hasn't been worked on by both of us. We've discovered we work best as a team. And let's face it it's just a whole lot more fun that way too! We hope our work brings enjoyment and a smile to your face as much as it does ours.

Our studio is located on the square of Red Lion, Pa. Here you can find our pottery available for purchase as well as get a behind the scenes peek of what goes into the making of pottery. We offer Wine & Wheel events for those interested in experiencing the basics of wheel throwing. Studio space is also available for folks who have clay knowledge and need no assistance. Detailed information for Wine & Wheel and studio rental can be found on the "CLASSES" page.

We are a short drive from Harrisburg, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Lancaster, and Philadelphia. Stop in to see us the next time you visit the area!




Wine & Wheel Events are scheduled on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. If you would like to schedule your own private Wine & Wheel event, contact the studio.

Registration, payment & scheduling for Wine & Wheel or studio may all be done online, links below. You may also call the studio to schedule if needed, 717.559.0223
NOTE: All classes must be paid in full prior to scheduling. If payment is not received, you will be removed from the schedule.

Handbuilding Workshop - $75/person

Consists of 2 classes, one for construction (3hrs) and the second for glazing (about an hour).
(Ages 16 & older, 12 - 15 if taking class with parent.)
With a variety of projects to choose from during this guided workshop (mug, birdhouse, windchime, etc), you will learn the basic skills of handbuilding & have fun expressing your creativity. All materials & tools included.

Studio Rental - $139/month

For the hobby potter with knowledge of studio equipment, needing no instruction and looking to be a part of a great clay family. (Ages 18 & older)
  • access to the studio
  • wheel time
  • use of slab roller
  • Clay Path Studio glazes
  • kiln firings
    Clay & tools are not included, but can be purchased at the studio. We carry all mid-fire stoneware, contact Brooke or Kirsten if you wish to use different clay.
    Wheel and slab roller time is first come first serve.
    The studio is not intended to be used for production work! We would be happy to talk you through setting up your own studio if you'd like.

    Wine & Wheel Night - $45/person

    Gather your friends for a fun & relaxing night as we instruct you in the basics of wheel thrown pottery. A great opportunity to experience what it's like to work with clay on a potter's wheel.
    (Ages 21 & older)
  • BYOB your favorite beverages and/or food.
  • Maximum group booking, 8 people
  • Includes all materials as well as one completed piece which will be available for pickup 4-6 weeks after event.


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    Clay Path Studio
    20 E Broadway
    Red Lion, Pa 17356

    Phone: 717.559.0223


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    Kiln space is available to be rented by the piece in our electric kilns. We calculate per piece prices by the cubic inch (length x width x height). Turn around time for firing depends upon queue.

    Electric Bisque:

    Electric Glaze:

    Payment is due at time of drop off.
    Renter responsibility and extra costs:
    The renter assumes responsibility for any kiln damage caused by mistaken identification of a clay's firing temperature.
    The renter agrees to pay Clay Path Studio the replacement cost of any damaged kiln shelves (resulting from glaze drips or runs). Work must be free of glaze on the bottom.

    Cost to renter:
    Single piece melts to shelf: $10 replacement of an extensively damaged half shelf: $67

    Clay Path Studio is not responsible for any damage that may occur to pieces during the firing process.
    Studio glazes are intended for personal or hobby use only.



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